The Millennialology Podcast focuses on aspects of faith and social issues, providing different perspectives on both subjects through civil conversations and debates. Our goal is to provide an example to listeners that there is a way for people to talk positively about anything, even if they face a difference in opinion. Nick is a millennial (hence the name!) figuring out life one perspective at a time.



NickMayerMedia is a place where people can productively interact. The goal of the channel is for  viewers to obtain some form of light (God). NickMayerMedia is a positive media outlet where conversations are had that make people think, question, and seek out answers.

The Blog is a place where Nick more intimately shares his thoughts, ideas, and random opinions.  This outlet is intended to help people gain a better understanding of each other, their differing world views, and to even have some fun along the way. Nick’s blog posts are not meant to answer all of life’s deeper questions, but rather to question life’s deeper meanings, backed by research, humor, and Nick’s brain, of course.




Nick is a Youth and Young Adult Pastor for a Evangelical Friends church in Northeast Ohio. He has a desire to reach teens and young adults showing them love and grace. Nick gives different communication outlets for the millennial generation through Podcasts, YouTube, and Blogs.

Nick enjoys playing and watching sports (Cleveland teams), reading non-fiction books, hanging out with his pup, sarcasm, and trying to learn new things about himself and life.