Millennials Want A Part

“Trust the process.”

I get my news by one of three forms: ESPN, newspapers, and Twitter (come on… I’m a millennial). Out of these three I tend to get everything from ESPN. ESPN is on at my house about 90% of the time when Netflix isn’t on. Lately, a player from the Philadelphia 76ers (Professional NBA team in case you’re not a basketball person), Joel Embiid, has been known for saying the phrase, ‘trust the process’.

Embiid came into the NBA injured. Basically zero basketball was played in his first year in the NBA. He is a work-in-progress and the potential is through the roof. He has had to recover from his injury, workout and rehabilitate his body, get back into shape, and work on his game to play well professionally. Even with all the negative feedback where people called him a ‘bust’, Embiid is healthy and is looking to play his first full season this year.

“Trust the process.”

Millennials don’t want to be put on the back burners in life. Millennials cannot thrive that way even though it seems like everything we do is selfish, conceited, and obsessive. I’ve said this before in my first blog; Millennials want to help.

We understand that there needs to be change in this world. We want to see change just like everyone else. We want to see less violence. We want to see more love and less hate. We want to give light to those who have trouble keeping their chin up.

But, no one can do it alone. No generation can make change by themselves. We got to band together in unity. Let Millennials be involved in the process. They won’t shy away from the opportunity. I promise. Trust me on this.

“Trust the process.”

Millennials, when you get an opportunity don’t let it slip. Grab ahold and run with it. Like Joel Embiid, there is going to be ups and downs. There is going to be times when you question why in the heck are you doing what you’re doing. Remember, trust the process.

The process of change doesn’t come easy. We all know that. I bet it’ll be easier if we all pitch in with our unique abilities, talents, characteristics that every generation has.

“Trust the process.”

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