Just Your Average Joe?

Okay. It has been a minute. Well, a lot of minutes. There is an explanation for that but I want to wait to share that after a certain date. This post I wanted to share with you a journey I have been on since late March.

Just so ya’ll know, I never wanted to share this stuff that I am sharing now. It is super personal and I do not like exposing myself like this. You will understand shortly.

Anyways. How about we get into this?

Late March, I decided I wanted to focus on myself. One thing that I had been wanting to do is work on my health. I was weighing in at a whopping 271lbs (most I have ever weighed). I had this realization though. I knew how important this decision to get healthy was going to be. Most likely, whatever I decided to do, it will be how I live my life for quite some time. I am 26. This is when habit gets decided. I had the choice to make a healthy lifestyle a habit or be satisfied with where I was at.

So I made the decision. I got in contact with a personal trainer. I started to work. Here is where I started:

Super duper honesty time. I hated taking pictures. I hated seeing myself. I hated seeing what I let myself become. When I mean hate, I truly meant it. I almost quit right here. Luckily, my counselor and trainer were encouraging and motivating.

It can only get better from here.

I kept thinking this over and over again. Two weeks later it was time for me to take photos again. Two weeks of busting my ass lifting and eating healthy (as healthy as I could of course) better have paid off. Here is two weeks later:.

I remember this moment. You got to be kidding me. Two weeks and there is no difference at all. I am sweating at the gym, doing cardio, peeing so much from the gallon and a half of water I am drinking that I feel like I am an elderly man. More explicit language…

I kept grinding though. My trainer and I kept tweaking the nutrition and workout plan to work for me. I did this while working on my mental side with my counselor. I was trying different foods. I was prepping my food for the next few days. Tracking every little thing I ate. Here are my pictures from May 15th:

I remember telling my trainer that I still did not feel like I lost any weight. I was definitely feeling stronger but I still could not see a difference. It was not until I lined up the photos next to each other.

My waist. My back. My face. My neck. My midsection. The roll on my back! Dang! I did some work and I am proud!

I kept pushing. Not everyday was easy. Some days my body craved chicken, salads, fruits but there were definitely days where I wanted to pig out. Guess what? I did. So there were definitely minor setbacks. I made sure that if I did eat outside of the diet restrictions then I made sure the next day was my best day. Here is my photos for June 21st (note* those setbacks? Yeah, I had a few in June and did not check-in much):

So, how about we recap real quick? Started working with a trainer in late March. Weighed in at 271lbs. Worked my tail off. Had a lot of good days. Had some bad days. During this time I had a personal goal to get down to 250lbs by my trip on July 3rd. Hard work paid off. When I took these photos I was 249.6lbs. Two weeks before my trip. How did I celebrate? Going on a missions trip! Here are the photos before I went on my trip:

Yeah. I did some reflection on this trip during our downtime. Most of the trip was sweating through my shirt. It was warm and we did a bunch of work. Funny thing is, I lost over 7lbs from this trip! I have kept that weight off too. Here are my photos that I took July 24th (last week):

To get the full effect, I decided to use the Instagram photo app that allows you to combine different photos together. Here is all the photos lined in progression (Top left is most recent, bottom right is the beginning):87C3E206-9410-4387-9237-BE70DBFB7F3636FFE7A5-B8D3-4598-88CF-4B0CD3E9C18C

Alright, I am not here to brag about how much weight I have lost. I will definitely say that I am darn proud of myself. I found something I did not like and I wanted to make a change. I wanted to improve myself. I wanted to do something for ME. This was a selfish move for MYSELF. I am going to be honest, it is the best decision I could have made for myself. I certainly could not have done this by myself. I had and still have a super awesome support team who some have even come along for the ride. I have a great counselor. And, lastly, I have a great trainer, Emma Mills. Emma is awesome and is fantastic at what she does. Any questions with nutrition, an exercise, form, or supplements she responded quickly with motivation and encouragement. If you are interested in a trainer, nutritionists, or both, check out Emma’s website HERE. Also, follow her on Instagram HERE. She is always posting different exercises and advice to keep the grind going!

After all this rambling, what is the point?

I do not know.

Part of me believed that I could not lose the weight. Part of me believed that I was going to be the way I was for a long, long time. But, even though I felt that, a very small part of me believed in myself. A small part of me wanted to take the risk. A small part of me wanted to get uncomfortable. A small part of me wanted to get dedicated. A small part of me wanted to prove myself wrong.

And lets be honest here… I do not have the genes where I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight. I am not naturally cut. I can look at a piece of cake and somehow I gained weight from it. Seriously, it is a struggle!

This did not come easy for me. It was work. A lot of work. Hard work. A lot of sweat. A lot of positive self-talk. A lot of self-care. A lot of talking myself off the ledge.

It was so worth it.

Maybe you are reading this and you have something in your mind you have been wanting to do. Maybe it is some sort of change. Whatever it is, maybe it is time to take that risk. Want to know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT.

One thing I learned so far on journey is that I am not some average Joe. Average Joe statistically would have quit by this time. I decided I will not be an Average Joe. I believe you will not be either. If you have not started your journey yet, just began, or in the middle of it all, keep pushing. Keep grinding.

You are worth it.

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