Anthony Spiveyy: Shut Up and DO IT

If no one was watching, or you were invisible, or there was no one on earth but you…what would you do? Would you make different decisions about your life? Would you change your life in any way because no one was watching? That is something I am constantly pondering in my life. Pondering things like whether or not I make decisions based off what others expect, or if I am genuinely “doing life” the way I want.

Growing up I feel like that was always something I cared about, stuff like what other people thought or what other people did. I’d have thoughts like, “Yeah! That’s what I should do because that’s how Bill did it”. It wasn’t until I stopped caring about what other people thought about my decisions that I really started living as Anthony. I started wearing what I wanted to wear, I started to make a life for myself the way I wanted to make it and not stick to the status quo of what everyone else was doing, or what everyone else thought I should be doing. I became comfortable with being just Anthony.

After having the “I am just going to do me” mindset, I felt like I was free in a way?? It’s hard to explain, but once you start making your own plans without even thinking if other people have thoughts or concerns, you feel good about yourself because you did that, you made that decision and you are doing you.

Sitting here in my bedroom writing this, I I’ve been reflecting on what it took to change my mindset. It’s crazy to remember that I haven’t always thought this way, in fact, I feared what others thought. Back then, my mind was easily changed or I would just stop dreaming. Here are some things I feel like I do now to keep my mind in check.

1. Find your person

When I was deciding to start this blog, I maybe only spoke to one person about it and there are a few reasons I did that. The first reason being that I have simply realized over the years that I can let people talk me out of things, and to me, that’s not a good thing. If you are trying to cut all your hair off and get a green filled tattoo that says “Hair” to replace it….maybe speak to someone first, but I think everyone needs that one person to tell them “Hey this is so good!! Please do it!”, or “Hey, maybe consider not doing that?”. I had that one person who cheered me on, supported me, and helped me process through this stuff.

2. “Just DO IT”

Have a dream job? Go for it. Want to move? DO IT! Be ready to jump for it and keep going. Trust your instincts and trust yourself because as scary as this is, somewhere deep inside, you wanted to do this, so stand by it. This is your life and you know what will make you happy so do it because you can.

You can find more of Anthony’s awesome media through his channel on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to check out his blog here!

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