Social Justice Warrior Culture

For Episode 15, we take a look at Social Justice Warriors. Are they good for society? Do they make Young Adult Millennials look like nut jobs? Will this do damage to our future as Millennials? These are some of the questions we tackle in this episode. Links used:

Should Christians/Christianity…

For episode 14, we take our talents to Google Autofill. We all know Google likes to try to figure out what we are searching. We use Should Christians/Christianity… in Google to see what people are searching. We do our best to answer some silly, some downright weird, and some pretty controversial subjects! We got ourContinue reading “Should Christians/Christianity…”

We Are Back! Controlling Behavior

For Episode 13, we talk about control and controlling behaviors. We get into the details of how this behavior can develop, the effects, and how Christians are controlling. Here are the websites we got the information from: Characteristics of a Controlling Personality Characteristics of a Controlling Personality